Photo aplication from börzsönyer sylvan railrod- .2008. August we announce a competition because of 20,his "Kisvasutak Börzsöny" with a title. On our tourism side part soon publish some recommended tours opportunity, they are ready concerned soon the settlement descriptions. It is possible to send in the pictures relatedly then to this and the light railways, the best photos receive valuable prizes, to figure on the website long for a tooth, and the 2009. May king meadow and October nagybörzsönyi on a light railway day a photo on an exhibition.
(2008. augusztus 21)
The Friday trains work long- Originally our light railway August would be due until 31 only Fridays. He will be traffic in the future Fridays. In this manner September on 05 and September our trains are in service on 12. Nagybörzsöny leaves: 10:15,12:15,14:50; A Nagyirtáspuszta starts: 11:15,13:15,15:50.

(2008. augusztus 18)
Moonlight Expressz in Nagybörzsöny only onto an order- The rising fuel because of prices on Nagybörzsönyi Erdei Vasút Moonlight Express (Holdfény Expressz) a service operates in case of a special train order only, onto any days can be ordered. Details from the special train tariff soon the tariff in a menu item.
(2008. június 23)